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Century Spire

  • Country :  Philippines
  • Type :  Condominium
  • Address :  Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City, Ph....
  • Est. TOP :  2018 (Completion Date)
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DC @ Damansara Heights

  • Country :  Malaysia
  • Type :  Mixed Development
  • Address :  Pusat Bandar Damansara, Kuala Lu....
  • Est. TOP :  2015
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Prestige Villa

  • Country :  Australia
  • Type :  Landed
  • Address :  30 Weston Street, Maddington, We....
  • Est. TOP :  
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  • Country :  Singapore
  • Type :  Condo / Apartment
  • Address :  71 Pasir Ris Grove Singapore 518....
  • District :  D18 - Pasir Ris / Tampines
  • Est. TOP :  2011
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Alex Residences

  • Country :  Singapore
  • Type :  Condo / Apartment
  • Address :  28 Alexandra View Singapore 1587....
  • District :  D03 - Alexandra / Commonwealth
  • Est. TOP :  2018
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LIV on Wilkie

  • Country :  Singapore
  • Type :  Condo / Apartment
  • Address :  11 Wilkie Terrace Singapore 2280....
  • District :  D09 - Orchard / River Valley
  • Est. TOP :  2019
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  • Country :  Singapore
  • Type :  Industrial
  • Address :  81 Tagore Lane Singapore 787502
  • District :  D26 - Mandai / Upper Thomson
  • Est. TOP :  2017
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Investing in Foreign Property

Foreign property investment is not an easy way to acquire property because it takes a certain amount of knowledge to carry out the process. Having an understanding about how the process works is not the biggest hurdle to investing in foreign properties. Having enough cash on hand is necessary for making a down payment or to outright buy land or a structure. There are a lot of variables, laws and risks that people must know about before they decide to buy real property in an overseas location. Here is some important information about the basic things that people must know to carry out this type of transaction.

Decide on a Location

People should think about where they want their foreign property investment to be located before they just decide to buy a place overseas. Factors such as national stability, culture and property values will come into play when making this decision. Potential overseas buyers can contact the state department in order to find out factual and updated information about a particular location within a foreign country.

Places such as Spain, Poland, Romania, Italy, Brazil and even Panama are rated as some of the best nations that provide overseas real estate investors with great properties. Many European countries rate high as the best places for people to purchase overseas property units. Potential buyers should contact a real estate agent or firm that specializes in overseas property investments in order to have a knowledgeable professional helping them through this process.

Have Enough Cash on Hand for Making Payments

This is probably the most important aspect of buying real property in other countries. Most nations do not have a complex mortgage buying system in place like the United States. As a result many people have to literally save up their money in order to outright buy a home. Also, if a mortgage system is in place, a person will be probably be required to put down as much as 40% as a down payment on a home or structure. This equates to a lot of money that has to be paid in cash. So, if a person does not have this kind of cash on hand they should not try to purchase an overseas property.

Laws for Foreigners who buy Overseas Properties

The regulations and laws for foreigners who buy overseas properties are complex and vary by country. Some places will only let foreigners buy property under specific circumstances. For example, in the Philippines foreigners can only buy structures but not land. Other countries will require that foreign investors to make a huge down payment in order to keep them from defaulting on a property investment. Again, each country makes its own laws pertaining to foreign property investment and knowing these laws will save people a lot of hassles and headaches when it comes to carrying out this process.

Landlords and Tenants

People who purchase foreign properties will need to have someone taking care of their units and land in order to keep it in good shape. People who only visit their offshore properties occasionally can hire the services of a reputable company to maintain their residence or structure while they are away. They can also have a professional company manage the property with tenants. This is a rather complex procedure and an investor must hire someone who is trustworthy and competent for performing this type of work. Overseas investors are ultimately responsible and liable for any damage, problems or issues that take place on their property. Tenant and landlord walls will vary by nation, state, region, city and community. Investors should make sure that they understand these laws or have a professional on their staff that has this knowledge.

Understanding Overseas Real Estate Terms

Overseas real estate terms are pretty much the same as any other country but there are some different acronyms and phrases that people might not be familiar with. The best thing that people can do in order to understand these terms is to hire the services of a real estate agent or firm that understands these terms and what they mean. Once again this is necessary because it will save investors money, time and from problems that will result from their ignorance. Every country has some type of government agency in place that is designated to deal exclusively with overseas real property.

Property investment overseas is not for your average home or property buyer and it does require some expertise in order to navigate this complex process. All potential overseas property investors should get professional advice and help before they carry out this activity and they should also make sure they have enough cash to cover the expenses, maintenance and management that will be associated with their properties. For more inquiries contact us here for details.

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